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Our Talented Team

Floral Design is like fine dining in that you need not only the best ingredients, but the best chefs to create a remarkable meal. Not only do we have the largest local selection of quality stems, but the most talented team who transforms them into memorable masterpieces. Our certified, award-winning designers have a passion for flowers and people, and love to use the ``Power of Flowers`` to make people happy!



Event Planner

Pete Nelson has been fortunate to have held several positions throughout the past 26 years which has given him a broad knowledge of the event industry. He began his career as Director of Entertainment for a large national events company where he was responsible for hiring all local and national talent and conceiving custom stage productions for large corporations. He soon found a passion for creative writing which led to a National Sales Manager position. From there he has had the privilege of experiencing the roles of Creative Director, Floral Manager and Event Designer in Minneapolis and Las Vegas for large event companies that travel the globe.

Pete has been published in several industry magazines including Special Events, Minnesota Meetings+Events, and Twin Cities Business to name a few. He has hosted several episodes of “Your Holiday Home” on HGTV where he was asked to design both a Halloween extravaganza and numerous Christmas themed episodes. He is the proud recipient of The Special Event Gala Award for Best Entertainment Concept & Execution along with seven Minnesota STAR Awards for 'Best Design & Décor'(2), 'Best Social Event Planning', 'Best ISES Team Effort', 'Best Creative Solution' and 'Best Use of Floral.

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